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stroke treatment in Kerala
Stroke Treatment

The condition of Stroke or Paralysis is a disease that affects the arteries leading to and within the brain.

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Physiotherapy treatment in Kerala

Our Physiotherapy treatments to help heal and prevent the injuries that stop you from leading an active life.

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Panchakrama treatments in Kerala
Panchakarma Treatment

Our Panchakarma treatments ensure traditional ayurvedic methods to get rejuvinate your body and mind .

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Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for parkinson disease
Parkinsons Disease

Kerala Ayurveda treatment can provide better cure for Parkinson disease treatment with quality follow ups.

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Cerebral palsy treatment in Kerala
Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy illness is the leading cause of childhood disability affecting function and development.

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ayurvedic treatment for cervical spondylosis in kerala
Cervical Spondylosis

Kottakkal Ayurvedic center offers very effective and long lasting Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis in Kerala

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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Kerala
Multiple Sclerosis

Kottakkal Ayurvedic center provides result oriented ayurvedic treatment for Multiple Sclerosis problem

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ayurveda treatment for muscular dystrophy
Muscular Dystrophy

Ayurvedic treatment for muscular dystrohpy ensure you better life in future with effective treatment methods.

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ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis
Psoriasis Treatment

We offer you best Psoriasis Treatment in Kerala , exploiting from the benefits of traditional Kerala ayurvedic treatment.

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    Very good hospital. Good quality treatments homely atmosphere, good staff, facilities, rooms, food. Doctors are very friendly in nature. 24hours doctors are available. I felt good while going back thanks to all

    Allien John


    This hospital has good ambience. Dr is so kind, friendly and clears all our doubts. Treatment is so good that when we leave this hospital we leave in good health and confidence. All the junior Drs, therapists, all employees are very kind, friendly and take enough care towards the patients. Regarding cleanliness of the room and hospital is so neat and clean. Food also very nice and required quantity is provided. In general a good place to come and get treatment and get well soon.



    I can experience each and every progress during my treatment .my walking panel improved significantly, my tremors reduced significantly. Thank you greenwich and Dr. Anuranj.

    Mahesh Chandru


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    best ayurveda treatment in India
    Ayurveda Treatment in India

    Best ayurveda treatment in India provide excellant , Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement symptoms that begin gradually, sometimes beginning with a barely noticeable tremor in one hand. Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for Parkinson’s disease assures you of a renewed life. Tremor is common but the disorder also causes

    Best ayurveda hospitals in kerala
    Best ayurveda hospitals in Kerala

    Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala Improving people’s health status is one of the crucial areas for social development in society. This can only be achieved if better health services are provided even to sections deprived of basic life facilities and rights. Kerala has achieved higher health standards than other states in India. Kerala continues to be

    Ayurvedic Treatment for Back pain in Kerala
    Ayurvedic Treatment for Back pain in Kerala

    Best ayurvedic hospital in kerala for back pain reliefThere are many ayurvedic treatments designed according to the age of the Patients, Condition and cause of the Pain , back pain history , medicated hot oil pooling, Specialist treatment will be ensure with all comfort and tranquillity, it will be included Herbal hot oil treatment, Herbal

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