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Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy Treatment

Cerebral palsy is defined as a non progressive neuromuscular disorder of cerebral origin.In Ayurveda cp is sahaja(hereditary) andgarbhaja(congenital). motor disorders of cp are often accompanied by disturbance of perception cognition communication and behaviour.  Cerebral palsy may result from maldevelopment and disorderly organisation of brain,perinatal hypoxia,birth trauma,acid base imbalance,metabolic disturbances and intrauterine or acquired infections .These factors may operateprenatally,during delivery or in the post natal period. Cerebral palsy treatment in Kerala is one of our most demanding treatment in Ayurveda.

What is Spastic cerebral palsy ?

Depending up on the distribution of spasticity it may be a spastic quadriparesis,diplegia or hemiparesis.Early daiagnostic features include abnormally persistant neonatal reflexes,feeding difficulties,persistant cortical thumb after 3 month ageand a firm grip.The infants goes into a  extensor posture and does not flex his knees or thigh.

Hypotonic(atonic)cerebral palsy

They are often severely mentally retarded,muscle may show fiber disproportion and delayed CNSmaturation is common.

Extrapyramidal cerebral palsy

The clinical manifestation include dyskinesia,dystonia tremor and rigidity.Arms,leg,neck and trunk may be involved.Deafness is a common association.There is a hypotonioa and hyper reflexia ataxia and intention tremors appear.

The management plan should stress on improving posture,reducing tone preventing contractures and early stimulation is necessary.The line of treatment in Ayurveda to be adopeted as vata vikara such as snehana,svedana, abhyanga,basti,sneha virechana, shirodhara nasya etc.but all these treatments should not applicable in agnimandya(low digestive activity) and ama lakshana.Thus correction of agnimanandya and ama pachana is done by deepana pachana drugs.By udwarthana followed  by sarvanga abhyanga and bashpa sweda etc procedeures reduces the disability in CP.while planning  the line of treatment mandagni,amavastha and kaphavastha should be considered. Rookshana procedures like udwarthana is beneficial in reducing spasticity. Welcome to experience result of cerebral palsy treatment in Kerala

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